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Black & White Cup
Marble cake, marshmallow filling, chocolate frosting
garnished with peanuts
Bunny Cup
Carrot cake, cream cheese frosting with multicolored sprinkles
Choco Khan
Chocolate cupcakes with Pecan Pie in the center,
Chocolate frosting and garnished with a pecan

Champagne Cup
Champagne cupcake with Champagne frosting garnished with edible pearls

Coffee and Donuts Cup
 Coffee cake, cream cheese frosting garnished with a
donut & vanilla glaze
Coffee Cup with Monkey Bread
Coffee Cake, cream cheese frosting topped
with fresh baked Monkey Bread
Cookies & Cream Cup
White cake mixed with cookies and a cookie on the bottom,
white frosting garnished with cookies

German Chocolate Cup
German Chocolate cupcake with coconut pecan frosting topped with mini chocolate chips

Golden Rum Cup
Rum cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and salted caramel topping

Hummingbird Cup
Traditional banana, pineapple, cinnamon & pecan cake with cream cheese frosting and pecan topping
Lemon Supreme Cup
 Lemon cake, lemon filling and lemon frosting garnished with lemon

Maple Walnut Cup
Maple walnut cupcake with maple frosting and garnished with a candied walnut

Mimosa Cup
Champagne Orange cupcake with Champagne orange frosting garnished with rock sugar
Monkey Cup
 Spice cake, banana filling, vanilla frosting
garnished with a cookie crumbs & banana slice
Mud Cup
 Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting garnished
with cookie crumbs & candy worms
OMG It’s Chocolate
 Chocolate fudge cake, chocolate filling, chocolate frosting
garnished with chocolate chips

PB&J Cup
 White cake, grape filling, peanut butter frosting
garnished with peanuts

Pistachio Cranberry Cup
Pistachio cranberry cupcake with lemon frosting and a sprinkle of crushed pistachios
Raspberry Lemonade Cup
 Lemon cake, raspberry filling, lemon frosting
garnished with raspberry candy
Red Velvet Delicioso
 Red Velvet cake, custard filling, cream cheese frosting
garnished with red sprinkles
Strawberry Supreme 
 Strawberry cake, strawberry filling, strawberry frosting
garnished with strawberry
The King Cup
 Banana cake, peanut butter frosting garnished with crumbled bacon

SSSSHHHH....the secret menu is next....

"the secret menu"
Double Chocolate Guiness Stout cupcakes
Blood Orange Cream cupcake
Giant Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
Fudge Brownie Bourbon Brownies
Upside Down German Chocolate Cake
Harvey Wallbanger Bundt Cake
Whiskey Bundt Cake 
Amaretto Bundt Cake
Bourbon Bundt Cake


Kiki's Cupcake Service
is always testing and adding new recipes
we also encourage your suggestions and ideas!

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